Bendable Monkey

This Bendable Monkey is made with a pipe cleaners and a printable monkey body to color! A super fun monkey craft for preschoolers on up!

Ages: 3 and Up

Here's what you'll need...

• Printed Monkey Body*
• Scissors
• Markers or crayons
• Glue
• 3 brown pipe cleaners

* Instructions for printable: The printable will open in a new window; close this window when you are done printing to return to the activity page. You will need Adobe Reader to open the printable. If you do not have it you can download it for free here.

Here's how you make it...

1. Cut out and color the front and back of your monkey.

2. You will sandwich the pipe cleaners between the front and the back of the body. Glue your pipe cleaners in an "X" on the back of the body.

3. Glue the top of the body over top of the pipe cleaners.

4. Turn your monkey around and glue a smaller piece of pipe cleaner on the bottom to make the tail.

Once the glue is dry you can bend and shape your pipe cleaners into arms, legs and a tail.

Make your monkey happy by using a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner to make him a banana!

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