Sunday School Crafts

Children always love to make things, Sunday School Crafts are no exception. The greatest gift we can give to our children as a parent, teacher or caregiver, is to encourage creative expression.

These bible crafts will give children the opportunity to be artistic while learning important Bible stories and verses. Use these crafts to complement teaching in Sunday School, vacation Bible school, Christian day school, or just in your own home.

Teach a Man to Fish
Ages 2 and up
This Fishing hand print craft is a really fun fish craft for Preschoolers or Toddlers to make to go along with the 'Teach a man to fish' lesson! Decorate your fish any way you choose, and write "Teach a man to fish" in one of the corners of the paper.

Paper Plate Angel
Ages 4 and up
This adorable paper plate angel is made with a simple paper plate, yarn, and paint. If your paper plate is all white with no design you may decide that you don't want to paint it. Add some stickers or other decorations to jazz it up!

Stained Glass Window
Ages 3 and up
Stained glass windows are beautiful creations found in our churches. Children will love to make their own stained glass window!

Clothes Pin Angel
Ages 5 and up
This adorable Clothes Pin Angel is made from a simple clothes pin, coffee filters, yarn, and a pipe cleaner. Make your angel extra special by adding stickers or other decorations to her gown.

Noahs Ark
Ages 3 and up
Help children learn the Noah’s Ark bible lesson by having them make this easy and fun craft. Don't be surprised if the kids do a little nibbling while they're making their Ark!

Depend On God Bookmark/Pencil Topper
Ages 6 and up
This adorable DOG Bookmark/Pencil topper is a great craft for a Depend On God theme, and it's made with inexpensive materials! You can either put your Dog on a craft stick to make a bookmark, or on the end of a pencil!

Loaves and Fishes Necklace
Ages 3 and up
This Loaves and Fishes Necklace is a great craft for preschoolers (and up) to go with the 'loaves and fishes miracle' bible story. The macaroni represents the loaves and the fish represent, well, the fish.

God's Promise Rainbow
Ages 3 and up
This Paper Plate Rainbow is a perfect craft for preschoolers. Paper plates are just the right shape for rainbow-making, add some clouds and you've got one fun craft!

Shepherds Sheep
Ages 3 and up
Young children will love to make this classic Christian Craft. Instead of black paper, I like to use brown, peach or pink paper for the sheep's 'body,' that way you only need a marker to draw on the sheep's eye, instead of white paint or pen.

Things God Made Booklet
Ages 4 and up
The Things God Made Booklet is a great craft for preschoolers on up. This craft provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss all of God's creations!

Daniels Lion
Ages 3 and up
This Lion Craft is a great paper plate craft to go with the Daniel and the lion's den lesson. An easy and inexpensive craft for kids!




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