Corn-Wrapped Utensils

These adorable Corn-Wrapped Utensils are a colorful and creative way to dress up your Thanksgiving table, your guests will love them!

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Don't be intimidated by all the words and pictures. These are very quick and easy to make, we just want to make sure we are giving you the clearest instructions!

Here's what you'll need...

• Napkins, yellow and green
• Utensils
• Twine/ribbon/yarn

Here's how you make them...

1. Open your yellow napkin and place your utensils inside. Make sure the eating end is facing down (not only does it keep them clean, it helps to shape the corn)

2. Fold each side over to make a rectangular shape.

3. Unfold your green napkin all the way, and then fold it into a triangle and place your "corn" in the center as shown in the picture (the seam at the back).

4. Fold up both bottom corners of the green triangle.

5. Fold up both bottom corners again.

5. Gather all your napkin at the top of the corn and tie a piece of twine, ribbon or yarn around to secure. Pull your green napkin ends down, if your napkins are two-ply, pull them apart to make it look even more realistic.

We used green utencils which matched the green napkins. These will still look cute and like corn if you used regular silverware!




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