Crazy Crayons

Recycle your old broken crayons and make some new Crazy Crayons! Easily mold your old crayons into new ones and start the fun all over again! These work great as party favors with a coloring book, or as a gift!

Level of Difficulty: Difficult

Here's what you'll need...

•Broken crayons, any color
•Tin cans (one for each color)
•Oven mitt or tongs
•Some kind of mold (mini muffin tin was used in the picture, but any mold will do. Candy or pretzel mold will work well too.)

Here's how to make them...

1.Separate your crayons into groups of similar colors.

2.Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Fill one of your empty tin cans with one color of broken crayons. Holding the tin can with an oven mitt or tongs, place the can in the boiling water. The crayons will melt in 1-2 minutes.

3.Pour your melted crayons into a mold. Wait about 5 minutes for the new crayon to harden in the mold and then repeat with another color. Add as many colors as your mold will permit.

Once you've melted and molded all your broken crayons, pop them out of the mold and you're ready to create a new masterpiece!

Make sure you have filled up you mold, if you make them too thin they will break easily.

These crayons will pop out of a non-stick muffin pan well, however, to make it even easier to remove you can always line each cup with foil.




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