Duct Tape Santa

All you need to make this fun Duct Tape Santa is some empty boxes and duct tape. A great holiday decoration for the house or classroom!

Congratulations to Bri from Vancouver, WA who submitted this craft and won our third place prize in our Christmas Craft Contest 2011.

Ages: 6 and Up!

Here's what you need

• 1 large box
• 1 medium box
• 2 small boxes/box tops & small piece for hat
• Red, black and white duct tape
• Small piece of yellow construction paper

Here's how to make it...

1. Cover large box in red tape. Apply one black strip across the middle for a belt, add a buckle (you can use a small piece of yellow construction paper cut into a square).

2. Cover the small boxes in red, place white 2 inches from bottom, place black 1' from bottom. Cut out squares for facial features- eyes, beard, nose.

3. Cut triangle for hat, cover in red and white trim with square pom pom.

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