Festive Fall Napkins

These Festive Fall Napkins are the perfect addition to any Fall or Thanksgiving feast. Surprise your guests with their own unique fall napkin!

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Here's what you'll need...

• Napkins, 2 colors
• Scissors
• Ribbon/yarn/twine (optional)

Here's how you make them...

1. With the open ends of the napkin facing you, fold the napkin in half and cut out a design (you can always skip the folding and just cut out a shape, it just won't be symmetrical).

2. Unfold your napkin all the way. Pick a different color napkin, don't make any cuts in it, and unfold it all the way and place it on top of the other napkin. Refold along the fold lines.

3. You can lay your napkins out as is, but tying a piece of ribbon/yarn/twine around each napkin adds a nice touch - or check out our Harvest Napkin Rings.

Cutting out a leaf pattern can be a little tricky, these napkins look nice with any shapes, cut out squares, circles and triangles!




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