Homemade Goblets

Have your little Princes and Princess their own Homemade Goblets. We have a cheap and a really cheap version. This makes a great birthday party craft!

Ages: 3 and Up

Here's what you'll need...

For Cheap Version:
• Plastic wine glass
• Fake Jewels
• Glue

For Really Cheap Version:
• Paper cup
• TP roll
• Heavy paper or thin cardboard
• Paint and brush
• Fake jewels
• Glue
• Scissors

Here's how you make them...

Cheap Version:

1. Glue your fake jewels all over your wine glass. Make it even more sparkly by outlining the jewels in glitter glue! This is a great take home birthday party craft, and the kids can drink out of it while they're at the party!

Really Cheap Version:

1. Cut a circle out of heavy paper or cardboard. Paint the circle, tp roll and cup all the same color (if you doing this with a group you may want to buy colored cups to save some time).

2. Once the paint is dry glue the tp roll to the bottom of the cup and glue the circle to the bottom of the tp roll. Once it is dry glue jewels all over!

If the kids will be drinking from this cup make sure the paint you are using is non-toxic (even though it's only on the outside of the cup).




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