Paper Harvest

Make Autumn Paper Harvest to decorate for the season. An easy fall craft for kids that only requires paper and scissors! The first one you make may be tricky but once you get the hang of it they are easy to put together!

Ages: 6 and up
Preschoolers can cut the circles out but an adult will probably have to assemble for them.

Here's what you'll need...

• Construction paper
• Scissors
• Pencil

Here's how you make it...

1. Trace 9-10 circles onto construction paper and cut out. For the pumpkin we made the circles about 5 inches in diameter; the apple was about 4 inches. Make them a big, or small as you would like.

2. Cut a long strip of brown or green paper to make the stem. Fold it in half. It should be long enough to stick out the top.

3. In the center of one of the circles cut a slit just big enough to slide the stem through.

4. Fold the rest of your circles in half and cut a slit, almost to the end but not quite.

5. Slide each paper circle on to the center circle, working your way around.

6. Continue putting all the circles around the stem. Once all the circles are in place you can arrange them to make them even.

To make the gourd
Cut out 8 or 9 ovals. The center still has to be a circle. Construct this as the pumpkin or apple.

Your fruit and vegetables will look like this from the top.

Sometimes the paper circles can fall off. If you want to make this super sturdy you can add a drop of glue where each circle meets.

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