Coin Folders and Books

We've searched high and low to bring you our Recommended Coin Folders and Books! Great for the classroom, or as gifts - for coin collectors preschool and up!

We've partnered with to bring you this detailed list of our favorite kids coin collecting items. There are many products out there, we've done the work for you and picked the very best!

Coin Folders

Coin County
This is a great coin folder for preschoolers to about Gr 1 or 2, since it's more about understanding the concept of money and saving, as opposed to a geographical folder which young children may not understand. In Coin County, children can save up to $20, by filling up the coin slots with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, it's also written in a cute rhyming verse to read aloud. There are two really wonderful features this book offers: First, it promotes early math skills by showing how many pennies it takes to make a nickel, dime, quarter; Second, it helps to teach and encourage children to save money. Highly recommended!

Coin Collecting for Kids
This Parent's Choice recommended coin folder is great for any young coin collector! It's suitable for children kindergarten on up. Don't be fooled by the 'board book' description, it's 11"X 9.5" big, so there's plenty of room for lots of coins. Why do we love this folder? Because it doesn't just focus on one type of coin, children can collect pennies all the way up to the presidential dollars. This folder includes slots for pennies from four decades, the Westward Journey Nickels, birth year coins, millennium coins, 20th century coins and the Presidential $1 Dollars. It also spreads out to hold all 50 state quarters and lists each states' nickname, motto and flower. This folder
will keep the kids busy collecting coins for a long time! This folder also has some useful information about how coins are made, anatomy of a coin, and some interesting facts about coins. This is a highly recommended coin folder because it allows children to collect so many different coins and coin sets, and also because it has lots of great information to educate our children about the money we see and use everyday!

Quarter Map

This is a great map-type folder for collecting state quarters - suitable for kindergarten on up. It has the pop-out slots for each quarter, and it has some really great features. First of all it's big, but not too big (26" X 16.5"). The reason we love this folder is that instead of the states being in large blocks of color, it is topographical. This is a wonderful feature that allows children to learn some geography while they collect their quarters. You can see lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. AND, it also has great information about each state. This is also great to hang up in a classroom or den, highly recommended!

State Series Quarters Collector Map
Why do we love this folder? Because it's big...really big, 37.5" X 13.5" to be exact, and very sturdy - a great value! This is is a wonderful folder to hang on a wall in a classroom or your den to display your state quarters as you collect them, but if you want to put it away it does fold up. It's a big color coded map of the United States with slots to put each state quarter in. Each coin slot lists the states' logo, statehood date, capital, bird and flower. We recommend this folder beause it's a great educational tool, hang it on a wall and children will love to
collect each quarter and watch all the slots fill up, and learn some great facts about each state while they're at it The only draw back of this folder is that it is really big - this may be good for some, but if you don't have room for such a big thing you may want to look at our previous recommendation!

Coin Books

Kids Guide to Collecting Statehood Quarters
This is a wonderful book for ages 4-8. Don't believe the desciption which says the reading level is 4-8, there is no way a four-year old could read this book independently, but they could certainly understand most of the content. This is a great book because it teaches children about how to start coin collecting and gives some great information on coin basics, and about the State Quarters. It is focused on the State Quarters, however it does talk about collecting other coins, like error coins, foreign, ancient, and historical coins. It also has some great information about
how to become a coin expert, like how to handle, examine, store, grade and buy coins. This would be a great book to get in combination with one of the State Quarter Map Folders! Highly recommended!