Tasty Turkeys

These Tasty Turkeys are an easy Thanksgiving edible craft. The kids will love to make them and then gobble, gobble them up!

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

These treats are made with peanut cookies, please keep allergies in mind when making these for a group!

Here's what you'll need...

• Round cookies that are light brown (any type will do)
• Icing - white or brown
• Peanut cookies
• Mini chocolate chips
• Candy corns
• Brown construction paper and scissors (optional)

Here's how you make them...

1. To make these turkeys you will be using icing as glue. Spread a little bit of icing on the back of your peanut cookie and "glue" it on to your round cookie - off set a little, hanging out the bottom. Put a little bit of icing on the bottom of two chocolate chips and glue them on to your peanut cookie to make the eyes.

2. Spread some icing on the back of a candy corn and glue it onto your round cookie. Repeat until you have made enough candy corn feathers to go around your cookie.

3. Cut the top off of one of the candy corns and use your icing to glue it in place.

To make these turkeys even cuter, cut a circle out of brown construction paper to place your turkey on top of. Use a mug to trace around. Another option is to flatten out a fall colored mini muffin cup and place your turkeys on top!

Keep in mind that the bigger your round cookies are the more candy corns you'll be able to get around. Try the 100 calorie pack peanut cookies, but if all you can find are the peanut sandwich cookies, just twist off the tops to use as your turkey body!




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