The Bug Jug

Homemade Bug Collecting Jug

If you have a bug enthusiast in the house try 'The Bug Jug' kids craft. It's a homemade bug collecting jug that is a perfect fun summer kids craft!

To make this craft you will need to find some old netting, bridal tulle was used in the picture, it is very inexpensive to buy at any craft store; old panty hose may work as well.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Older toddlers will love this craft, make it easier by cutting the 'air hole' and gluing on the netting for them!

Here's what you'll need...

•Empty 2L plastic bottle with lid
•Knife or sharp kitchen scissors
•Dirt (plants optional)
•Netting (bridal tulle was used in the picture, but any netting will do, as long as the bugs can’t get through it)
•Glue, tape will work too, unless your planning to collect some really big, strong bugs!

Here's how to make it...

1.With a craft knife or sharp scissors cut an air hole into your plastic bottle.

2. Add dirt, and plants if you wish, into the bottom of the bottle. You will need the dirt in the bottom to weigh the bottle down, and the bugs will like it too!

3. Securly glue on the netting around the air hole.

Now add bugs! Guide your bugs into the jug through the open top and then seal it up with the lid, and observe!




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