Dessert Sushi

This Dessert Sushi is a kid-friendly sushi recipe, made with some sweet treats! This is a really fun, and easy edible craft, and the ingredients can all be found at the grocery store! Next time you're at a Japanese restaurant pick up some extra chop sticks to add some more fun!

Ages: 6 and Up

Here's what you'll need...

• Round Dessert Cakes like Twinkies and Strawberry Shortcake Rolls (by Little Debbie)
• Rectangle white cake like Hostess Zingers, or just Angel Food Cake cut into small rectangles
• Green Fruit Roll Ups (you'll need 2 to make the amount we did in the photo)
• Gummy Fish
• Knife and cutting board

Here's how you make them...

1. Cut your cakes in sections about 1"-1½" wide.

2. Cut a strip of green fruit roll up the same width as the cake rolls you just cut.

3. Wrap the Fruit Roll-Up around the roll, it will stick together when you overlap it.

4. In our Twinkie rolls we cut up some small pieces of gummy fish and pushed them into the middle (where the cream is).

5. To make the boat roll just place a gummy fish onto a piece of rectangular shaped white cake. Cut a thin strip of fruit roll-up and wrap around. Make sure your fruit strip will over lap quite a bit, otherwise it may unwrap easily.

If you'd like a little Wasabi for your Dessert Sushi try marshmallow topping mixed with green food coloring. You can usually find marshmallow topping in the baking section, or ice cream section in the grocery store.

Many stores sell gift boxes that look like Chinese food take-out boxes, which would be a really cute way to package up this craft to send home! Check your local dollar store or craft store (look in the party/gift bag section).




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