Every Day Edible Crafts

These Every Day Edible Crafts are great ideas for snacks, birthday parties, or just for fun! There's nothing like making something that you can eat afterward!

Party Pretzels
Ages 3 and up
These Party Pretzels are a great kids recipe and would be a fun activity for a play group or party. Who can make the most unique pretzel shape?

Candy Car
Ages 6 and up
Make an easy Candy Car with chocolates, life savers and our printable cut-outs! This is a great edible craft for give aways, loot bags, even for Christmas!

No Measure Quick Cookies
Ages 2 and up
These No Measure Quick Cookies are a great recipe for toddlers, if you use a pre-measured stick of butter they can do most of this recipe 'all by themselves'. You can add some nutrition to these cookies by adding 1/2 cup of nuts.

Tasty Fish Bowl
Ages 3 and up
This Tasty Fish Bowl is such a fun craft that any child wouldlove to make and eat! It's made with simple, inexpensive ingredients.

Smores on a Stick
Ages 3 and up
These Smores on a Stick are a great treat for backyard camping, sleep over or just for a fun tasty snack anytime!

Dessert Sushi
Ages 6 and up
This Dessert Sushi is a kid-friendly sushi recipe, made with some sweet treats! This is a really fun, and easy edible craft; add to the fun by picking up some extra chop sticks next time you're at a Japanese restaurant.

Orange Dream Pops
Ages 3 and up
These Orange Dream Pops taste just as good as the ones from the ice cream truck, but they're much healthier! A great kids recipe to try on a hot summer day!

Bread Paint
Ages 3 and up
This Bread Paint makes sandwiches and toast so much fun! It's also great to use this edible craft to surprise someone you love by painting a special message for them!

Flower Lollipop
Ages 3 and up
This Flower Lollipop is a great edible craft for kids. Make a whole bouquet and wrap them up as a gift!

Banana Split Snack
Ages 3 and up
This Banana Split Snack is a healthier alternative to the real thing. A great kids recipe for breakfast or anytime!

Candy Jewelry
Ages 3 and up
Don't buy candy necklaces, make your own unique Candy Jewelry! This is a great edible craft and is a great activity for birthday parties as well!




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