Japanese Crafts for Kids

These Japanese Crafts for Kids are a great way for children to learn about Japan and it's culture, not to mention they're really fun crafts to make!

Mini Sumo Wrestler
Ages 5 and up
This Mini Sumo Wrestler is an easy Japanese Craft for kids to make with our printable template to color! His legs and arms are made from a bendable pipe cleaners; make 2 and have your own sumo wrestling match!

Floating Torii
Ages 6 and up
The Floating Torii in Japan is the entrance to the famous Itsukushima Shrine. This is a fun and creative Japanese Craft for kids, and very easy to make with our printable template!

Coffee Filter Fan
Ages 3 and up
Have the kids make their own Oriental Coffee Filter Fan. This is a quick and easy craft that doesn't require many materials, but looks authentic and beautiful!.

Dessert Sushi
Ages 6 and up
This Dessert Sushi is a kid-friendly sushi recipe, made with some sweet treats! This is a really fun, and easy edible craft; add to the fun by picking up some extra chop sticks next time you're at a Japanese restaurant.

Cherry Tree
Ages 4 and up
There's nothing more beautiful than a Japanese Cherry Tree, especially if it's a homemade one! In Japan Cherry Blossoms symbolize beauty and the nature of life, and they are an omen of good fortune!

Japan Boarding Pass
Ages 3 and up
This pretend Japan Boarding Pass is a fun souvenir from an imaginary trip to Japan. There's spaces to write in your own name, city, destination and boarding time- great writing practice!

Easy Origami Dog
Ages 2 and up
Use the ancient Japanese art of Origami to make your own pet! Who knew with just a few folds of a paper you could make your own dog! With some help with the folding parts a toddler or preschooler can do this craft!




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