Dog Crafts for Kids

Woof, woof... check out these fun and easy Dog Crafts for Kids! These puppy crafts are made with simple supplies from around the house or classroom. You'll find something fun for todders and preschoolers on up!

Dog Bookmark/Pencil Topper
Ages 6 and up
This adorable Dog Bookmark/Pencil topper is a great craft made with inexpensive materials! You can either put your Dog on a craft stick to make a bookmark, or on the end of a pencil to make a pencil topper!

Easy Origami Dog
Ages 2 and up
Who knew with just a few folds of a paper you could make your own dog! With some help with the folding parts a toddler or preschooler can do this craft!

Peeking Puppy
Ages 3 and up
This adorable Peeking Puppy dog craft is so easy to do with our printable templates. The puppy's face sticks out so it looks like he's peeking out of the dog house! With some help with the cutting parts a preschooler can color this craft!

Paper Bag Dog Puppet
Ages 3 and up
It's easy to make a Paper Bag Dog Puppet with our printable templates! This dog craft is so easy to make that even a preschooler can make their own Dog Puppet!




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