TP Roll Cow

Kids will love to make this toliet paper roll cow. The TP rolls make up the cow's head and body, and 2 egg carton sections make his legs. Cute and inexpensive!

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Here's what you'll need:

•2 toliet paper rolls
•Paint, white, black and pink
•2 egg carton sections
•Cotton balls
•2 google eyes (optional, can use paint)
•Small piece of pink pipe cleaner or felt
•Small piece of yarn or twine, for cow’s tail

Here's how to make it...

1. Cut one of the TP rolls in half (one half will be the cow's head). Cut about 1" from the other TP roll (this will be the cow's body). From each side of the cow's head, cut 2 rounded slits and fold out, these will be the cow's ears. From the top of the cow's head, cut two 'horns' and fold up (see picture).

2. Take your two egg carton sections and cut out the front and back of each. These will be the cow's legs.

3. You're ready to paint your cow! Paint each part white and make your cow spots black (or what ever color you'd like your cow to be), paint the inside of the ear pink and each horn grey, if you'd like. This would be a good time to glue or paint on your cow's eyes. Once the paint is dry, glue all of your parts together.

4. Put some cotton balls into each TP Roll. Make a mouth from a pipe clearner, piece of felt, or what ever materials you have, and don't forget to attach a tail to your cow! Great Job, you're done!




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