Toilet Paper Roll Animals

These Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts are a great way to use up those rolls you have lying around. Make sure you check back with us frequently, we're always adding new craft ideas!

TP Roll Cow
Ages 4 and up
Kids will love to make this toilet paper roll cow. The TP rolls make up the cow's head and body, and 2 egg carton sections make his legs. Cute and inexpensive!

TP Roll Butterfly
Ages 3 and up
This TP Roll Butterfly is an easy and inexpensive kids craft. Use what ever embellishments you have around the house to decorate your butterfly's wings. Make your butterfly fly by punching a hole in the roll and tying on a string!

TP Roll Frog
Ages 4 and up
This adorable TP roll frog is a easy and inexpensive kids craft. If you don't have the 'google eyes' just cut out two circles from white paper and draw in the frog's eye's with a black marker!

TP Roll Parrot
Ages 3 and up
This TP Roll Parrot is a fun and colorful Bird Craft for Kids, suitable for Preschoolers on up. This would also make a great Pirate craft. After all, what's a Pirate without his companion!

TP Roll Bee
Ages 3 and up
This TP Roll Bee is a easy and inexpensive craft for kids. Punch a hole in the top of the TP roll and tie on a string to fly your bee around the backyard!

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder
Ages 4 and up
These adorable Easter Bunny Napkin Holders are a great addition to any Easter table. This easy kids craft is made with a toilet paper roll, construction paper, paint and a napkin. Surprise your Easter dinner guests with the Easter Bunny peaking through the grass!




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