Edible Christmas Crafts

Have the kids try these fun Edible Christmas Crafts, they are a great way to add some fun in the kitchen during the holidays!

Healthy Holiday Kabobs
Ages 4 and up
These Healthy Holiday Kabobs are the perfect kids snack for the Christmas season. The great part is children can make them all by themselves, or with little help from a grown-up! These would make great snacks for a party, or for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

Christmas Treat Jar
Ages 3 and up
This Christmas Treat Jar is so easy to make and can be filled with just about anything! These make perfect gifts for teachers or anyone who you need to give a 'little something' to for the holidays! You can find canning jars easily at any craft store or discount department store and only cost about $1.

Candy Cane Sleigh
Ages 4 and up
This Candy Cane Sleigh is a cute Christmas craft to give or keep! Print the template for the sleigh right from your computer. You can print it on colored paper, or print it on white and decorate it! We filled our sleigh with little chocolates wrapped with ribbon, yummy!

Sipping Snowman
Ages 3 and up
This Sipping Snowman is a perfect and tasty way to drink hot chocolate on a cold winter day!

Candy Wreath
Ages 3 and up
This Candy Wreath is a unique and sweet edible craft for the holiday season. It also makes a great gift or Christmas party favor!

Healthy Holiday Tree
Ages 5 and up
This Healthy Holiday Tree is so easy to make, and very tasty too! Pick out any kind of fruits or veggies the kids will like, and get some extra in case they want to sample some of the ingredients! Perfect for a party!

Candy Car
Ages 6 and up
Make an easy Candy Car with chocolates, life savers and our printable cut-outs! This is a great edible craft for give aways, loot bags, even for Christmas!

Sprinkle Christmas Trees
Ages 3 and up
These Sprinkle Christmas Trees are so easy to make, and are also a tasty treat as well! This is a great Christmas craft for Preschoolers, and they can decorate their tree with any edible candy!




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