Native American Crafts for Kids

These Native American Crafts for Kids are a great way for children to learn about Native Culture and traditions. Make sure you check back with us frequently, we're always adding new craft ideas!

Chief Headdress
Ages 3 and up
This colorful Chief Headdress is an easy Native American craft for preschoolers on up! Make your feathers with as many colors as you can!

Tepee Village
Ages 4 and up
This Tepee Village Craft is an easy and fun way to learn about Native American Culture! This collage is made with simple materials found around the house!

Yarn Dream Catcher
Ages 5 and up
This Yarn Dream Catcher is a great Native American craft for kids, hang it up and catch all your dreams!

Ages 3 and up
Have the kids make their own Ancient Petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are rock carvings done in prehistoric times are are found all over the world! The most Petroglyphs can be found in South Western North America, Australia, Africa, Scandinavia, and Siberia.

Mini Indian Corn
Ages 4 and up
Not only are these Mini Indian Corn really easy to make, they're also really yummy to eat! These are made with simple items found at your grocery store!




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