Butterfly Crafts For Kids

These adorable Butterfly Crafts For Kids are easy and inexpensive kids crafts. Nothing inspires creativity like a beautiful, colorful butterfly!

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Tie Dyed Butterflies
Ages 4 and up
These beautiful tie dyed butterflies are made with coffee filters and water mixed with food coloring. When two colors "run" into each other they make a whole new color

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Sparkly Butterfly Card
Ages 2 and up
This Sparkly Butterfly Card is a great craft for toddlers and preschoolers. The perfect card craft for Mother's Day, Grandparents Day, birthday, or any other special occasion! This makes a great card, but it would also make a nice butterfly picture just on it's own!

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Butterfly Baggie
Ages 2 and up
This butterfly Baggie is just that - a butterfly made from a regular zip-lock baggie! If you can crumple paper, you can do this craft, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Caterpillar Turned Butterfly
Ages 6 and up
In this Caterpillar Turned Butterfly craft kids can unfold their caterpillar to see a beautiful butterfly. This is a great craft for learning about butterflies, or use it as a fun spring craft! You'll also find this in our butterfly craft section

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

TP Roll Butterfly
Ages 3 and up
This TP Roll Butterfly is an easy and inexpensive kids craft. Use what ever embellishments you have around the house to decorate your butterfly's wings. Make your butterfly fly by punching a hole in the roll and tying on a string!

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Butterfly Suncatcher
Ages 3 and up
This beautiful Butterfly Suncatcher is make with clothes pins and tissue paper. Attach your butterflies with yarn to a wooden dowel, hanger, or anything you have around the house. Just hang it in the window and the sun will shine through the tissue paper!

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