Recycle Crafts

These fun and easy Recycle Crafts for Kids are great activities for Earth Day or to compliment any lesson about recycling! For preschoolers on up! All of these crafts are made with recyclable materials!

Tree Collage
Ages 5 and up
Pull your magazines out of the recycling bin and use them to create this fun Tree Collage! All you need is some scissors and some imagination! Our tree is for fall, but just cut out green leaves for a fun Earth Day craft for spring!

Special Words Pencil Holder
Ages 5 and up
Tell someone how great they are by making them this Special Words Pencil Holder. It's made from 100% recycled materials that you a have around the house!

Crazy Crayons
Ages 5 and up
Recycle your old broken crayons and make some new Crazy Crayons! Easily mold your old crayons into new ones and start the fun all over again! These work great as party favors with a coloring book, or as a gift!

The Bug Jug
Ages 4 and up
Recycle those soda bottles into a fun nature craft! Make a homemade bug collecting jug that is the perfect craft to reinforce the importance of recycling and nature!

Tree Rubbings Collage
Ages 4 and up
This Tree Rubbings Collage craft is a fun outdoor craft for fall or anytime, just change the colors of your leaves!

Make Some "Recycled" Music

Water Bottle Maraca
Ages 2 and up
Dig through the recycling bin and make this Water Bottle Maraca, a great homemade musical instrument for children of all ages! These also make great noise makers for New Years, birthdays or other special occasions!

Tin Can Xylophone
Ages 3 and up
Dig through your recycling bin to find some tin cans to make this great Tin Can Xylophone. Use some pencils or other mallets you have around the house, let's make some music!

Ages 3 and up
This fun and easy musical instrument craft is made from an old paper tube! When you blow into the open end of the toilet paper roll the sound waves hit the wax paper and make a Kazoo noise!

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