Clothespin Crafts for Kids

Check out these creative Clothespin Crafts for Kids! If you don't have any clothespins lying around, you can buy a big bag at any craft store for under $2! Make sure you check back with us frequently, we're always adding new craft ideas!

Busy Bee Magnet
Ages 3 and up
Making any craft into a magnet is easy and inexpensive. You can buy a long strip of self-adhesive magnet at any craft store for under $1, just cut it to fit your craft project and there will be lots of left over.

Clothes Pin Calf
Ages 3 and up
This Clothes Pin Calf is a great Cow Craft for Preschoolers. The Calf's spots look great when they're made with black thumb prints!

Clothes Pin Angel
Ages 5 and up
This adorable Clothes Pin Angel is made from a simple clothes pin, coffee filters, yarn, and a pipe cleaner. Make your angel extra special by adding stickers or other decorations to her gown.

Clothes Pin Giraffe
Ages 4 and up
This adorable Clothes Pin Giraffe is an easy and inexpensive Safari Craft for kids! Make your Giraffe's spots with orange finger prints and he'll even stands up all by himself on his clothes pin legs!

Delightful Dragonfly
Ages 3 and up
The Delightful Dragonfly is made with wooden craft spoons and a clothes pin. You may not have wooden craft spoons lying around the house, but you can buy a bag of them at your local craft store for under $2. Make this into a magnet by adding a self adhesive piece of magnet to the back.

Clothes Pin Alligator
Ages 3 and up
This adorable Clothes Pin Alligator is made with a simple clothes pin, paint, a pipe cleaner and googly eyes. Make your aligator "chomp, chomp" by opening and closing the clothes pin!

Butterfly Suncatcher
Ages 3 and up
This beautiful Butterfly Suncatcher is make with clothes pins and tissue paper. Attach your butterflies with yarn to a wooden dowel, hanger, or anything you have around the house. Just hang it in the window and the sun will shine through the tissue paper!

Clothespin Ghost
Ages 4 and up
This Clothespin Ghost is easy to make from things you have around the house, and he stand up all by him self! A great Halloween decoration!




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