Edible Valentine Crafts

These Edible Valentine Crafts will make anyone's heart melt, and make their sweet tooth pretty happy too!

Valentine Pretzels
Ages 3 and up
Not only are these Valentine Pretzels fun and easy to make, they're also a yummy treat for someone you love. You can make these heart pretzels pink inside and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top!

Sweetie Pie
Ages 6 and up
Give your Sweetie Pie... A Sweetie Pie! Fill your pie with your favorite small candy, like small Jelly Beans or cinnamon hearts. A great gift for that someone special!

Rose Kisses Bouquet
Ages 4 and up
Say 'I love you' by making this edible Rose Kisses Bouquet! All you need is a few simple items to make these easy mini Roses, you don't even need to make a whole bouquet, single red rose looks just as beautiful!

Hugs and Kisses Jar
Ages Birth and up
Give a special someone this adorable Hugs and Kisses Jar. Fill the jar up with kisses and all you need is a child's' hand prints to make the 'hug' and you've got a really special gift! Great for Valentines, Mother's Day, or for any special someone!

Love Train
Ages 3 and up
This Love Train is an easy to make sweet treat for any Valentine. Any child would love to make or receive a candy train for Valentines Day, but this would also work great as a boys Valentine!

Valentine Fortune Rolls
Ages 3 and up
These Valentine Fortune Rolls look like big fortune cookies, complete with a message inside. Make them sweet for your Valentine by sprinkling them with Cinnamon and Sugar!

Candy Valentine
Ages 3 and up
Tastes sweeter than a card, this Candy Valentinewill put a smile on anyone's face!

Unloading Some Love
Ages 3 and up
Try Unloading Some Love on Valentines Day by having the kids make this cute dump truck Valentine. Preschoolers will need help cutting the shapes, but they can do all the gluing! This is a great Valentine for boys or anyone you want to dump some love on!

You Warm My Heart
Ages 5 and up
The 'You Warm My Heart' Valentine is a mug that you slide a real package of hot chocolate in. A Valentine with a little gift that will warm anyone's heart!




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