Painting Crafts for Kids

Check out these great Painting Crafts for Kids! All children love to paint, these ideas will give you some different ways to create a masterpiece!

Marble Painting
Ages 3 and up
Kids will love Marble Painting! It's fun to watch the marble smear different colors of paint around the 'canvas' and make a beautiful masterpiece!

Spaghetti Paint
Ages 2 and up
This unique Spaghetti Paint will excite any child! What child doesn't like to smoosh their hands in noodles and then make a unique painting, that can also be hung up proudly to display!

Bread Paint
Ages 3 and up
This Bread Paint makes sandwiches and toast so much fun! It's also great to use this edible craft to surprise someone you love by painting a special message for them!

Pasta and Rice Paint
Ages 3 and up
With this Pasta and Rice Paint recipe you can make all kinds of different colors of macaroni and rice to make many different craft projects. Colored macaroni and rice can add so much texture to children's art!

Bubble Stamping
Ages 3 and up
This Bubble Stamping is so easy and so much fun! This can make some great artwork, it would also be a cute idea to make your own homemade gift wrap! A great craft for preschoolers!

Secret Invisible Ink
Ages 4 and up
Children will love to write secret messages or draw a treasure map using this secret invisible ink.

Tire Track Roller
Ages 3 and up
Put the kids in the drivers seat with this fun Tire Track Roller craft! This is a great truck or transportation craft for preschoolers on up!

Popsicle Paints
Ages 3 and up
These popsicle paints are a fun summer crafts for kids. Just make sure you make a lot because they may melt before you've finished having fun with them! Just make sure the children you are doing this craft with know that these 'Popsicles' aren't for eating!

Scratch N Sniff Paint
Ages 3 and up
Kids will love to smell their painted creations with this Scratch N Sniff paint. Make it in all different kinds of "flavors" and enjoy!

Apple Stamping
Ages 3 and up
Apple stamping is a great craft to celebrate the fall season and is perfect for toddlers on up. Made your apple painting into a place mat by covering it with contact paper!

Ages 3 and up
Have the kids make their own Ancient Petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are rock carvings done in prehistoric times are are found all over the world! The most Petroglyphs can be found in South Western North America, Australia, Africa, Scandinavia, and Siberia.




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