Spring Crafts for Kids

These wonderful Spring Crafts for Kids will help children celebrate the season with creative, easy and inexpensive craft projects!

When we think of spring we think of the weather getting warmer, flowers beginning to bloom, trees budding and new life starting. Spring crafts are a great way to celebrate the spring season with children! If you're looking for Mother's Day or Easter crafts, they're in our Holiday Crafts section.

E-Book - Plastic Easter Egg Crafts
10 Fun Crafts for Spring, Summer and Mother's Day!

In this Busy Bee Original E-Book you'll find 10 fun crafts to make with plastic Easter eggs! These are NOT Easter crafts, but rather crafts you can make for Spring, Summer and Mother's Day AFTER you have finished using your eggs! So don't throw away those eggs (gasp!!) there are so many fun things you can make from them!

Baby Blue Birds
Ages 3 and up
We made Baby Blue Birds, but you can make your baby birds any color you'd like. This is a cute and fun spring time craft for preschoolers on up!

Welcome Spring Collage
Ages 3 and up
Start Spring off right by having the kids make this easy Welcome Spring Collage! Who can resist a hand print craft! Suitable for preschoolers on up.

Growing Flower
Ages 4 and up
This growing flower kids craft is a great way to celebrate spring time. This craft is made from a paper cup, straw, pipe cleaner, construction paper and tissue paper, an easy and inexpensive craft! Just move the straw up and down and watch your flower grow!

Caterpillar Turned Butterfly
Ages 6 and up
In this Caterpillar Turned Butterfly craft kids can unfold their caterpillar to see a beautiful butterfly. This is a great craft for learning about butterflies, or use it as a fun spring craft! You'll also find this in our butterfly craft section

Rainy Day Collage
Ages 3 and up
You don't need to make this Rainy Day Collage only on a rainy day, it's a great craft for spring time or when learning about the weather. A great craft for Preschoolers and kindergartners!

Mini Bird Nests
Ages 3 and up
These Mini Bird Nests are an easy edible spring craft for preschoolers, on up! This is a perfect treat for the kids to make for Easter or spring, and would also works great as a party favor!

Rainy Window
Ages 4 and up
In this Rainy Window the rain really falls, well paper rain that is. This is a fun craft for spring time or when learning about the weather!

Umbrella Wrapped Utensils
Ages 4 and up
Dress your spring table with these adorable Umbrella Wrapped Utensils. A very easy craft for spring time!

Paper Daffodils
Ages 3 and up
These Paper Daffodils are a fun Spring or Easter Craft for Preschoolers on up! You can even take it a step further and put a bunch in a clay pot for a homemade centerpiece!

Baby Chick Collage
Ages 3 and up
This Baby Chick Collage is a fun Spring time craft for kids. It's easy to do this one with a group since the materials can be bought in large quantities.

Flower Lollipop
Ages 3 and up
This Flower Lollipop is a great edible craft for kids. Make a whole bouquet and wrap them up as a gift!

Paper Flower Decorations
Ages 4 and up
These Paper Flower Decorations look great on their own or make a bunch and hang them for a colorful, unique spring decoration for the home or classroom!

Lollipop Flowers
Ages 3 and up
These Lollipop Flowers are fun kids craft for spring or anytime,make a whole bouquet and give it as a gift! These would also look great on top of a gift!

Paper Caterpiller
Ages 3 and up
This Paper Caterpiller is an easy way to make a 3D bug that can also bend when he crawls! It's made with everyday craft materials that you probably already have in your craft box!

Butterfly Crafts for Kids
These adorable Butterfly Crafts For Kids are easy and inexpensive kids crafts. Nothing inspires creativity like a beautiful, colorful butterfly!

Bee Crafts
Check out these great Bee Crafts, easy and inexpensive crafts for any busy bee! All children love bees! Maybe it's because of their bright yellow and black colors, or perhaps because of the cheerful 'buzzzzz' sound they make.

Birdfeeder Crafts for Kids
Check out these Birdfeeder Crafts for Kids. There's a birdfeeder craft to create for any age, toddlers on up. What a great way to invite birds into your yard!

Free Spring Printables
Check out these great Spring printables like coloring pages, mazes, word searches, stationery and so much more! All from our Sister Site - busybeekidsprintables.com. You'll find tons of fun free printables suitable for preschoolers on up!




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