Easter Crafts

These great kids Easter crafts will help celebrate the holiday with creativity and imagination! Try one of these easy and inexpensive holiday projects for kids! Make sure you also check out our Spring Crafts for Kids!

E-Book - Plastic Easter Egg Crafts
10 Fun Crafts for Spring, Summer and Mother's Day!

In this Busy Bee Original E-Book you'll find 10 fun crafts to make with plastic Easter eggs! These are NOT Easter crafts, but rather crafts you can make for Spring, Summer and Mother's Day AFTER you have finished using your eggs! So don't throw away those eggs (gasp!!) there are so many fun things you can make from them!

Peeking Bunny
Ages 3 and up
This adorable Peeking Bunny craft is perfect for preschoolers. Green hand prints make the grass for the paper plate bunny to peek through!

Mini Bunnies
Ages 4 and up
Kids love miniatures, so why not make some Mini Bunnies! This is a quick and easy Easter Bunny Craft. Make a few of these and put them on a paper plate covered with green Easter grass and some Jelly Beans and you've got one cute Easter Decoration!

Chick Napkin Holder
Ages 4 and up
When you first look at this Chick Napkin Holder you wonder where the napkin is. Here's a hint, part of the napkin makes the chick's beak. You can make this even more fun for your lunch or dinner guests by placing a chocolate egg inside your egg!

Funny Bunny Hat
Ages 3 and up
This Funny Bunny Hat is the funnest Easter Bonnet around! This is easy to make with our printable templates and the kids will surely get a kick out of it!

Spaghetti Nest
Ages 3 and up
This Spaghetti Nest is a unique and fun way of displaying your painted easter eggs. Or, put some chocolate easter eggs in it and give it as a gift or in front of a place setting at your Easter table!

Egg Buddies
Ages 3 and up
If you have any of those plastic fillable eggs lying around have the kids make their own Egg Buddies! This is a great way to show children all about planting seeds, caring for them, and watching them grow! Great for preschoolers on up!

Hanging Carrot Decorations
Ages 5 and up
These Hanging Carrot Decorations will sure add some fun to your house for Easter! Use them for an Easter party, or around the house or classroom, even hanging on the door. These homemade decorations are so easy to make just from simple craft supplies, great for kids and adults to make!

Paper Daffodils
Ages 3 and up
These Paper Daffodils are a fun Spring or Easter Craft for Preschoolers on up! You can even take it a step further and put a bunch in a clay pot for a homemade centerpiece!

Easter Pencil Toppers
Ages 5 and up
These Easter Pencil Toppers are an easy and fun craft for kids to make and give to friends and school mates for Easter!

Mini Bird Nests
Ages 3 and up
These Mini Bird Nests are an easy edible spring craft for preschoolers, on up! This is a perfect treat for the kids to make for Easter or spring, and would also works great as a party favor!

Bunny Award
Ages 5 and up
This Bunny Award is great to give to friends and family, or is also a really cute prize for any Easter party game or contest. All you have to do it write your own message on the front! You can write "Happy Easter to my #1 Friend" or "Grandma", or if you having an Easter Bonnet contest you can write "Most Colorful Easter Bonnet"

Hand Print Lilies
Ages 3 and up
These Hand Print Lilies are a really easy flower craft for kids! Make your lilies white for Easter, or make them any color for a fun flower craft for Spring or Summer!

Mini Sheep
Ages 4 and up
These Mini Sheep are so easy to make, yet they are so adorable. Make one or a whole flock!

Baby Chick Collage
Ages 3 and up
This Baby Chick Collage is a fun Spring time craft for kids. It's easy to do this one with a group since the materials can be bought in large quantities.

Easter Egg Wreath
Ages 3 and up
This Easter Egg Wreath is a great gift idea for someone special at Easter time. This is a great group craft that a few children can make for Grandparents, teachers, or babysitters - each child can decorate a few eggs. Suitable for preschoolers on up!

Fruit Bunnies
Ages 5 and up
These Fruit Bunnies are a healthy treat, with a few sweets on top! A wonderful, and colorful, spring time edible craft!

Baby Blue Birds
Ages 3 and up
We made Baby Blue Birds, but you can make your baby birds any color you'd like. This is a cute and fun spring time craft for preschoolers on up!

Carrot Napkin Holders
Ages 3 and up
These Carrot Napkin Holders are the perfect addition to your Easter table, not to mention that they are an easy and fun kids craft!

Pastel Paper Eggs
Ages 3 and up
These Pastel Paper Eggs are so easy and fun to make, and they look really great too! A wonderful Easter Craft for Preschoolers on up!

Fuzzy Chick Cookies
Ages 3 and up
Try these tasty Fuzzy Chick Cookies, a fun edible craft for preschoolers and older children to celebrate Spring or Easter!

Ages 3 to 5
They may not be able to write, but Preschoolers can make cards with words and special messages too! They may even learn something while they're doing it!

Brown Bunny Cookies
Ages 4 and up
These Brown Bunny Cookies are a sweet bunny treat for Easter, and really easy to make!

Bunny Collage
Ages 2 and up
Have the kids create their own Bunny Collage, made out of simple craft materials and things you have around the house!

Woven Easter Basket
Ages 5 and up
Decorate your own eggs and put then in this colorful Woven Easter Basket. A fun way for kids to celebrate Easter traditions!

Razzle Dazzle Egg Ornaments
Ages 6 and up
These Razzle Dazzle Egg Ornaments are a great Easter kids craft. A unique twist on regular clay ornaments, and a great gift as well!

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder
Ages 4 and up
These adorable Easter Bunny Napkin Holders are a great addition to any Easter table. This easy kids craft is made with a toilet paper roll, construction paper, paint and a napkin. Surprise your Easter dinner guests with the Easter Bunny peaking through the grass!

Free Easter Printables
Check out these great Easter printables like coloring pages, mazes, word searches, stationery and so much more! All from our Sister Site - busybeekidsprintables.com. You'll find tons of fun free printables suitable for preschoolers on up!

Easter Party Ideas
Whether you're having an Easter party at your house or the classroom we've got you covered. You'll find tons of ideas for invitations, decorations, fun party games and activities and so much more! From our sister site: busybee-holiday-party-ideas.com




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